Hellbangers, it’s decision time!

With exactly 100 days until the festival, the running order for the 2024 edition is now available. You can check it out on our mobile app and start marking your favorites! You can also download it from the Line-up page

We’re taking this opportunity to provide some updates on the lineup:

  • Arrival of PLANET OF ZEUS (Valley / Friday 28)
  • Cancellation of THE DEAD DAISIES / replaced by ANVIL (Mainstage 1 / Saturday 29)
  • Cancellation of GGGOLDDD / replaced by SYLVAINE (Temple / Thursday 27)

Preparations are in full swing, and we’ll soon be back to update you on the festival’s organization, including the opening of reservations for Easy Camp, lockers, and the upcoming cashless system. So, Stay Tuned!

Hellfest Crew