Hellbangers, it is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Eternal Champion and Sumerlands bassist Brad Raub, and Nebula bassist Ranch Sironi.

The concerts of Eternal Champion (SAT 29 | MS2) and Sumerlands (SAT 29 | MS2) are maintained.
Unfortunately, Nebula have had to cancel their European tour, which was due to start on June 6, and will therefore not be performing on June 28.

Our thoughts are with their families and loved ones.

For logistical reasons, WITCH has also had to cancel its appearance at Hellfest.

The festival’s artistic team has turned heaven and earth to bring you new replacement bands just a few days before the festival. Here are the arrivals of :

  • BLUES PILLS (SUN 30 | MS1) – Replacing HEART: Travel broadens the mind, they say. While that’s debatable, the time-travel offered by the American-Swedes immerses you in fringed jackets, wide lapels, and vibrant, floral tapestries. A vintage ode blending bluesy rock and psychedelia. Don’t miss this musico-temporal trip on a Rock’n’roll Sunday!
  • ACID KING (FRI 28 l VALLEY) – Replacing WITCH: Sinister riffs with Sabbath-like vibes, haunting vocals, and a steamy, hallucinogenic atmosphere. This Californian trio has spent 30 years exploring a claustrophobic stoner/doom sound that even the most devoted acid rock fans might shy away from. Their sound is as grounded in hot asphalt as it is cosmic. Get ready for a psychedelic trip!
  • GAUPA (FRI 28 | VALLEY) – Replacing NEBULA: In just a few years, these Swedes have skyrocketed to the upper echelons of the rock scene. Their sound is a whirlwind that sweeps you into a kaleidoscope of colorful, poetic landscapes. High-flying psychedelia led by the mesmerizing vocals of high priestess Emma Näslund. GAUPA offers an ethereal and enchanting sonic journey, drawing power from the deepest spirits of nature.

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Hellfest Crew